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, rebels putting a $2 million bounty on qaddafi's head. steve harrigan is streaming live from tripoli. steve, any word on qaddafi? >> reporter: gregg, right now, unk*frpl dollars reports -- unconfirmed reports saying qaddafi and two of his sons are surrounded an an apartment building near tripoli near the colonel's compound. fighting is going on there and keep in mind there's been a real credibility gap from both sides so this information is unconfirmed as of now. the hunt for qaddafi is intense, it is continuing, british officials have just said that nato assets are being used, intelligence gathering assets in hunt for qaddafi, but no confirmation that he is in fact surrounded at this point inside a group of apartments in tripoli. as that hunt goes on, the celebrations across the city of tripoli are continuing. >> they arrived in homemade vehicles, homemade weapons, the fire was in the air, rocket launchers, antiair craft guns. women, men and children enjoy the show, some cover their ears, but the message, expressed, guns, cars, anything at hand, it's clear, we've won the war. >> we'
>> steve: where did those three hours go? we'll do it again tonight. dirk morris will join us, senator hatch and peter. on a monday morning there as you a lot of movement over the weekend. there is a debt deal on the table, but it's barely on the table. the house and congress set for the big vote before the deadline. alisyn: great to watch you yesterday. i'm alisyn camerota in for martha maccallum. president obama says it is not perfect but he will take it. >> is this the deal i would have preferred? no. i believe we could have made the tough choilsd required on entitlement reform and tax reform right now rather than through a special congressional committee process. but this compromise does make a serious down payment on the deficit reduction we need and gives each party a strong incentive to get a senate plan before the end of the year. bill: you will have a fight from the pea tarty especially in the house. republican senator ron johnson telling gretta this debate should never have reached this point. >> we don't want to be like the healthcare law and pass it to see what's t
it to you, and it comes just two days before the crucial iowa straw poll. fox's steve brown is live in ames, iowa. steve, does a good performance at the debate translate into a win at the straw poll? >> reporter: into a win? >> alisyn: yes. >> reporter: don't know, but it could mean a boost, and you can see they're setting up for the straw poll already. it takes about two days to get some of these displays, if you will, for the candidates ready to go. i have yet to find a republican activist in iowa who will shoot down ryan rhodes, director of the tea party convention, that a good straw poll debate performance will lead to 500 to 1000 additional straw polls. even the governor says that's a polt and certainly michelle bachmann has vaulted upwards in terms of polling numbers by performing well at least in the eyes of republican activists at the debates so far and a state party chairman says hey, a good performance at the debate, it certainly can't hurt. >> there's no question having the debate just 48 hours before iowans go to the polls, at the straw poll. it could have a huge impact. if your
>> steve: go show today. our thanks to eric bolling from fox business for joining us. >> gretchen: log on for our after the show show and we'll see you all tomorrow. hope for a good day out there. bill: all right, here we go, and buckle up! what happens to your retirement, now four -- your 401(k), wall street opening for the first time in 30 minutes since the u.s. was given its first downgrade in history, that could mean a frantic selloff when the opening bell goes at 9:30. good morning, everybody, hope you had a fantastic weekend, i'm bill hemmer, welcome back to "america's newsroom". >> great to see you bill. bill: great to see you. as we await -- sweltso seat belts on. alisyn: i'm alisyn camarota for in martha maccallum, stocks making a -- taking a beating in europe and asia as one of the guys who made the call for the downgrade tells fox what the united states needs to do to get its gold plated rating back . >> east coast i'm, where are we now, stu? >> got three headlines about your money, number one, the market opens in 30 minutes, it will open sharply lower. at this moment w
>> peter: my pleasure. >> steve: anyway off to your regular job. >> gretchen: log on to for our after the show show. or tune in to kill need and friends, i'm -- kilmeade and friends. i'm filling in for brian. the battle over raising the debt ceiling facing another hurdle in washington. we await a vote in the senate on a plan that was passed late last night by the house 269-161. that bill calls for $2 trillion in budget cuts the next 10 years. republican eric cantor followed by nancy pelosi. their take as you might expect rather different. >> i think the big win for us and the american people is the fact that there are no tax hikes in this package. and i'm told that the leader on the other side of the building. the majority leader went to the floor and indicated some how i changed my position on that. i can tell you flat out she is wrong. i insist now is not the time for us to be considering tax hikes when there is over 9% unemployment and too many people out of work. >> congressman cleaver said this is a satan sandwich. it probably is with some freeze on the side. we were forced
he's at 48th and 6th avenue right now. [ laughter ] >> steve: somebody stop that man! he's got a rembrandt! >> juliet: thank you, guys. we'll have shark boy and his dad tomorrow. will brian be back? martha: all right, thanks guys, we've got a lot of breaking news at this hour because there are new explosion and mortars and rocket fire being tphaerd and around qaddafi's compound right now [sound of gunfire] martha: that's the scene right now in tripoli, heavy gunfire we are hearing and lots of reports about what's going on in qaddafi's compound as well, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom" gregg: what a busy morning it is, hello, i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer, the rebels involved in a fresh round of intense fighting against qaddafi forces just one day after gaining control of most of the capitol martha: let's go straight to jennifer griffin standing by at the pentagon jennifer, what a difference a few hours can make, a lot of explosions heard in and around qaddafi's compound what are you hearing from the pentagon now? >> reporter: thi
. >> steve: speaking of famous dave, dave briggs, thank you for joining us today. >> dave: great to be here. >> gretchen: "fox & friends" for the after the show show. have a great day. bill: we're going to cheer you up or maybe not. with a stroke of the president's pen, u.s. borrowing spikes passing the 100% mark. now, what es that mean? from the treasury department, it reveals u.s. debt shot up 238 billion dollars on tuesday. that brings our new total to well over $4.5 trillion. america, now, in the same debt league as greece and italy and ireland, and it might get worse. i mean, rome and athens are great places to visit. >> they are. bill: probably wouldn't want to do a whole lot of business. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. alisyn: good morning to you, i'm al sin camarota. our debt is more than 100% of our gdp. this is the largest one-day bump in history. bill: can't make it up. stuart varney, fox business network, what does all this mean to you and me? >> reporter: let's spell it out in plain establish, the economy is $14.5 trillion, the debt is $14.5 trillion. in other words, the debt is
about moammar gadhafi's former days in power. >> steve: that's right. we don't know where he is. maybe that situation will clarify itself. in our after the show show, we'll continue the conversation with cowboy libertarian. >> brian: you can catch me on radio from 9:00 o'clock to noon. see you. >> steve: so long, everybody. see you tomorrow. martha: there is breaking news at this hour, brand new developments in the very tenuous situation on the ground in libya, gunfire and celebrations in the capitol at this hour. listen to this: >> rebels take control of tripoli, the state department announcing this morning they believe it is only a matter of time now before moammar qaddafi loses his grip on power. thousands of people as you can see in these videos, in green square, that's the symbolic part of moammar qaddafi's regime, rebels saying they've captured reports of one, sometimes two, reports of capturing qaddafi's sons and they're now in sight of overtaking the regime and top ling the four two-year dictator. so far, no sign of him, though, at this hour. good morning, everybody, i'm martha
>> de: much more. 6 to 9 tomorrow. >> steve: it will be a really big show. he'll be in the after the show show. log on right now. in the meantime, up we go to the 12th floor with "america's newsroom." bill: great show this morning. good morning. thought the debt deal was done, didn't you, america. we are deep in the woods on our financial issues. stock tumbling almost 266 points. a top credit agency putting the u.s. on a negative outlook. now word out of china that despite the deal, the u.s. failed to diffuse the debt bomb. that word out of chai and a half all places. alisyn: there are new concerns about america's economic future. president obama says he's looking towards jobs as a new report shows a surge in layoffs. more than 66,000 in july. >> we are still not dealing with the root cause of our problem this weakened economy and that's the overextend of our federal central eyed government. unfortunately our president is so off base in his thinking because all of his solutions have to do with growing more government and spending money we don't have on programs and departments an
rules. let's talk about this and figure out what's going on, steve camerata is director of research at the center for immigration studies and joins me now. welcome. good morning to you. >> good morning. martha: the problem here is obviously that the dream act did not pass and the dream act would have allowed for a sort of reorganization of who would be in the deportation proceedings first, and they wanted to deal with criminals, people who have committed crimes in this country beyond the crime of being here illegally first. so the president has side stepped this, the administration, and they're going forward with reorganizing the list of who they're going to deal with first. what do you think about that? >> well, the dream act was going to give amnesty, green cards to people who came before the age of 16, the idea being look, it's not their fault, their parents brought them. now, we could debate the merits of that and would have covered about 2 million people, maybe 1 million would have actually got it. we can debate the merits of that. but this is something completely different. th
♪ for all that good advice ♪ ♪ those hard to find words of wisdom ♪ ♪ . >> steve: he's going to perform his hit "lost." right? >> yeah. the last single we played "you" was off our new album that just came out. >> steve: we'll see you back here, "fox & friends" tomorrow, anyway off to "america's newsroom." we start with a fox news alert. the east coast is bracing for the wrath of hurricane irene. it's coming in as a category 2. it is gang strength as millions of people get ready for this. they are warning residents to prepare for the worst in virginia. gregg: you are so cheerful in the face catastrophy. martha: what else can we do? we watch and we wait. gregg: we have got you covered up and down the east coast. but particularly the folks in the south not taking any chances. the hurricane center saying this is a nightmare scenario. evacuation order forcing people to secure their homes or get of town completely. martha: let's go down to john roberts who is live from kill devil hills in north carolina. first we'll go to janice dean tracking the storm in the extreme weather center
reports of fresh gunfire in the area, including where our own steve harrigan is standing by, live, with a report from tripoli. steve, tell us what's happening. >> reporter: you can pretty much hear what's happening. [gunfire] >> mainly celebratory gunfire, not a cause for concern. what we're seeing are rebel fighters now converging here on what was known as green square, now known as martyrs square. that's a very loose organization of fighters. we've seen them make their way to tripoli. they're here now, a lot of pickup trucks, with antifire air guns. it's a sense of celebration here. there are pockets of qaddafi resistance, especially around the hotel, but a much calmer atmosphere, really at the celebrations, at the checkpoints, they are in control over overtaking the qaddafi compound yesterday. of course, emotions are spilling over not just with the gunfire but with older citizens who have lived with qaddafi for the past 40 years. this man here has seen personal loss. how do you feel today? >> this is one of the most important days and happennest days for all the libyans, to kic
>> steve: won that girl the oscar. >> gretchen: log on for our after the show show. who knows what we'll be discussing. >> steve: peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. he'll be back tomorrow and so will we. see you then. bill: it is all about the economy. we're about to find out what it has in store for us this morning. the fed speaks and stocks soar. grab dramamine! monday, 634-point nose dive, the dow, another volatile day on tuesday, closing up 430 points in the final two hours of trading this, after the fed announced it will keep interest rates at record lows for the next two years. stock market rallying overnight in asia. will it do the same on wall street? thirty minutes from now, we're waiting for that, as is the rest of america. good morning to you! i'm bill hemmer. buckle up! welcome to "america's newsroom". alisyn: i'm doing well, don't blame you for feeling dizzy. i'm alisyn camarota in for marthat th, this is the latest gallup poll, it shows consumer confidence plunged to negative 53 this week. that's the lowest point since march 2009. now some politicians are actual
>> gretchen: we're back with more of greyson chance. go to our after the show show. >> steve: have a fantastic weekend. check into the others >> you said the era of small government was oamplet that sounds a lot more like barack obama, if you ask me. >> she said she's got a titanium spine. it's not her spine we're worried about, it's the record of results. >> i'd love to see the rest of to be's -- tonight's debate asking us what we -- about what we would do to lead america as the president has failed to lead instead of playing mickey mouse games. >> you supported this war as well. it's time we quit this. it's trillions of dollars we're spending on these wars. >> america has got to learn how to take a joke! >> [laughter] >> bill: it was a hot august night in iowa last night, eight republicans hoping to grab that nomination, those candidates setting a fiery tone from the beginning. here is one of the most talked about, an exchange between former governor tim pawlenty, congresswoman michelle bachmann, both from the state of minnesota. >> the problem is when the deal was put together,
to people you can do more than one thing and i wrapped a movie based on steve harvey's best selling book. so i did it! i worked really hard and i did it and i'm going to star in my first play in new york city. >> steve: and you're going to be in the after the show show with us today. >> my career is on the up and up right now. >> steve: thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> steve: that's going to do it bill:bill bill: okay, thanks guys. on a pho*rpbgs hope your weekend was good, fox tphaoubs alert, millions of people reeling from irene, many waking up to mass flooding like these pictures he and no power, and in vermont, it's epic, torrential rain like they've never seen before, rivers turning into raging waters and wiping about everything in its path. in a moment you're going to see these historic covered bridge, three in vermont, that were just washed away, disappearing in a matter of seconds, hundreds more there forced from their homes. we'll also show you this clip where a car is literally rolling down the street, throating on -- floating on water as it goes by. many came
day off. martha: you get one day off, steve. >> i had to rush back to town because the dow lost 600 points. we had motion sickness after the ups and downs. i think the economy is not in a recession but it's what's called a growth resection we're not generating the kind of growth. we're at 1 percent to 2 percent growth, which is just not enough to get the jobs back. you know, normally in a robust recovery that we would expect right now, we'd be seeing a 5 percent or 6 percent growth. so i think that's what has americans so frustrating -- frustrated, that we're not creating the jobs or gdp growth thatgen rains recovery. martha: you feel like you've lived through this a few times in your life and you kind of know what it feels like when it goes down and you say things will get better again and there's an underlying issue in this country that things may not get better, that this may not be the way it's been in the past, and i think that's an unnerving impact for the markets and it's certainly something that the politicians are seizing upon. gerri, your thoughts on that and then we'll go
disappearance may be part of an elaborate fraud attempt. steve harrigan, what are we learning about a possible motive. >> reporter: a short time ago, fox news has confirmed through aruban authorities that he took out and insurance policy on his travel companion, robyn gardener and "abc news" reports it was an accidental death insurance policy worth $1.5 million and more details about giordano's past. a string of court documents show a number of charges including domestic violence and stalking and he's also accused of videotaping ex-girlfriends during sexual encounters and posting some of those pornographic images on the web. also, charged with petty theft. and, a real string of history of violence and stalking, against giordano as well, showing up in court documents in maryland, bill. bill: that is interesting. a new twist there and what about the search for heraruban author are planning a major speech and will use police and military as well and fbi agents are involved, and will send bloodhounds and fbi agents searched his house in maryland, as well and giordano has yet to be officially charg
closed its doors in the past 30 years. steve keeley is live from atlantic city with more. >> reporter: this is like an anniversary for me and you because we covered hurricane gloria together. that was the only other time atlantic city's casinos closed and they are expected to close this afternoon. half of them are already kicking out all the guests. they were all full because this is one of the big weekends of the summer. it's reminiscent of the two oil crises because we have massive gas lines at every gas station along the jersey shore. long lines and often short tempers. people coming in to these station and pulls from every direction and causing fights out here. there is a mandatory evacuation order and they can't all file out if they can't fill up first. we are talking about 2.5 million people because of the ballooning population during the height of the summer season. gregg, we are seeing check damage long before the flood and wind damage arrives. some merchants may not just lose their big weekend of business, but their weekend entirely. i was just listening to your last guest ta
to president bush before. if you have a great question, e-mail me. maybe i'll try to weave it? >> steve: it was great last year. probably better this year. >> brian: i just can't miss the ball. >> gretchen: that's exactly right. see you tomorrow. bill: good morning. fox news alert. the floodwaters are still surging as the northeast still struggles in the wake of irene. watch this video out of patterson, new jersey. the passaic river is not supposed to look like that. good morning. that's where we start. you know the falls. martha: those are the great falls in patterson but they are not normally that great. i'm martha maccallum, good to have you with us today. president obama is signing disaster declarations in two more states. governor chris christie would like the same thing for his state. >> it's dangerous and scary at the same time. >> they are saying it will be 14 feet higher. >> this is bad. >> nothing like this where i had to get out of my home twice. today i can't even go back to my home. i would say it's a disaster area. >> these are nice homes. they put a lot into them. it's re
. >> brian: now the pressure to not do it again. >> steve: see you tomorrow, everybody. bill: great show this morning. fox news alert. record flooding surging in parts of the east with no signs of slowing down. this is video from patterson, new jersey. watch as this family takes on a rescue. this was a scene repeated over and over again in so many parts of new jersey, new york state and the state of vermont. meanwhile the entire town of fairfield is under lockdown. this used to be a shopping mall. hurricane irene literally washing that out. scenes like these -- this one is passable. be cautious when you drive through there because that can stall your car and ruin all of it. you got the back on? martha: we did. but so many folks did not. it continues in so many areas where nobody thought they would be dealing with this storm. you can see the situation is devastating. you have got nine rivers overflowing their banks across the state of new jersey. officials are warning they could crest in the next four hours. you have got 600,000 homes still in the dark. >> i'm in shock. i can't believe it
? >> steve has got a very good point here. it looks like the s&p, 500 stocks trading on average, 15 times earnings, that's considered pretty cheap. we have bargain hunters come in here, start to look at things that are trading at low multiples and that means they're cheap compared to their stock price. i've got to tell you, remember, s&p 500 had a fantastic quarterly report, they were up dramatically, they really have earnings now, fundamentally, they look pretty good, but if you look at their stock price today, i'm telling you, just cratered. so watch for those bargain hunters. alisyn: stephen, yesterday when the president spoke, he said something that should have been comfort believe to people, he said we will always be a aaa nation. >> yes. alisyn: but somehow that didn't resonate with people. should he have said something like we will work to get our triple -- aaa status become? >> he should have but i agree with the president on this, we are a aaa nation. i've always thought it was absurd our bond rating fell and by the way, our interest rates are lower than many of the countries tha
, without that solution, i think people are wondering what comes next. martha: you know, steve, you look at the number, as president obama gets ready to leave for his vacation, this is clearly not a number that he wants to have in the back of his mind, as he tries to get a little bit of relief from the intense pressure of his job, and, then you've got, you know, folks out there trying to run for his job in the white house, and you have mitt romney and a lot of attention given to rick perry, over the last couple of days as he weighed in, and boy if anybody is to take over the job, from the current president, they've got a heck of an economic back drop they have to deal with in the situation and it will take, you know, somebody who has a very strong stomach for this stuff. >> martha, are right. and it is hard to see how it isn't the central story of the 2012 election, both at the presidential level and the senate and the house. races across the country. you've got an economy that, you know, seems to have cratered, and there are serious people suggesting that we are heading back into a rece
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)